Researches and Business Cases

BrandMemo business cases provide a powerful competitive resource for universities and business schools all around the world.

Each BrandMemo business case is constructed to challenge students with a realistic competitive training in marketing and brand management.

Professors and students may rely on the pro bono support from our big data scientists to develop researches and customized business cases for their stakeholders’ needs.

Are you a professor or a student interested in developing a new research or an innovative business case for the new frontiers of marketing and brand management?

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Dario Guido Bonetti. The Case of BrandMemo. An innovation in the App market. Undergraduate Thesis, L. Bocconi University, Milan, 2015. (Pdf - 1,3 Mb)

Innova et Bella. BrandMemo Research: AIA 2017. The Italian Football Referees’ Brand Preferences for the Strategic Analysis of Aia Sponsorship. Marketing Research, Milan, 2017. (Pdf - 1,6 Mb)

Dario Guido Bonetti. A New Way of Evaluating Brand Leadership with Big Data. Thesis, L. Bocconi University, Milan, 2018. (Pdf - 690 Kb)

Business Cases

L. Bocconi University. Brand Management & Big Data Mining. Brand management in the Digital, Social, Mobile Era, BrandMemo Business Case, Milan, 2016 (Pdf - 1,2 Mb)

L. Bocconi University. Digital and Social Marketing Strategies. Building a Brand Digital, Mobile, Social Network, BrandMemo Business Case, Milan 2015 (Pdf - 1,2 Mb)

Franklin University. The Luxury Fight. Research Brand Preferences Big Data and Develop a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Brand in the Luxury Markets. BrandMemo Business Case, Lugano, 2017. (Pdf - 1 Mb)

University of Milan. The Luxury Innovation. A digital, Mobile and Social Business Case. BrandMemo Business Case, Milan, 2017. (Pdf - 1,3 Mb)

Liuc - Carlo Cattaneo University. The Millennials Brand Preferences. A BrandMemo - Liuc Research, BrandMemo Business Case, Castellanza, 2018. (Pdf - 7,2 MB)